One of the most popular and iconic flowers in Spain is the carnation (Clavel in Spanish). Carnations have a strong cultural significance in Spain and are often associated with various celebrations and events. They are commonly used in festivals, religious ceremonies, weddings, and other special occasions. The red carnation, in particular, is a symbol of love and admiration in Spanish culture. In addition to carnations, other flowers such as roses, lilies, and sunflowers are also popular choices for various occasions in Spain. The specific popularity of flowers can vary depending on the region and the cultural context of the event or celebration.

How long does the carnation flower last? It is a herbaceous and perennial flower. Carnation flowers, which have an intense scent, generally like mild weather. Their height varies between 20 and 40 cm. How to consume dried cloves? It can be used as a powdered spice in cooking. Cloves can also be added to soups, meat, cakes, fruit salads, soup, spicy breads. It can also be added into homemade yogurt and natural fruit juices. Cloves can also be consumed as tea. Does carnation like sun or shade? If a carnation flower is to be cared for at home, it should be placed in a place with plenty of sun. The development of carnations that do not get enough light slows down. Too much light also reduces flower yield. For this reason, if you want to grow carnations in your garden, you should plant the flower in a shady area.

What is the traditional flower of Spain?

The traditional flower of Spain is the red carnation (Clavel in Spanish). The red carnation holds a special cultural significance in Spain and is often associated with various events, festivals, and traditions. It has become an iconic symbol of Spain, representing love, passion, and strength.

What's the most popular flower in Spain?

The red carnation gained particular prominence during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and is often associated with the supporters of the Nationalist faction led by General Francisco Franco. The tradition of wearing a red carnation in one’s lapel during celebrations and public events has endured, and it remains a symbol of Spanish identity and pride.

While the red carnation is the most emblematic flower, other flowers such as roses, lilies, and sunflowers are also commonly used in various cultural and religious celebrations throughout Spain.

Carnation flowers are flowers belonging to the carnation family, especially in red, white and pink colors. Because it is a greenhouse flower, it can be grown in all seasons. There are more than 80 varieties and nearly 2000 species of carnation flower. Its homeland is North Africa and South Africa.

What’s the most popular flower in Spain?

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