What is the German national flower? Known as the national flower of Germany, this purple plant; It also grows in the natural environment. Another name of the plant is also known as St. John’s Wort. How to Care for Cornflowers in Germany The cornflower plant can grow naturally. The plant grows spontaneously in the fields in the fields. The cornflower plant is a seasonal and natural flower that does not require special care. How to Plant a Cornflower Plant in Germany The cornflower plant is a plant that can be planted by taking its seeds. Although it grows spontaneously in the natural environment, it can be grown by taking the seeds.

What is the most popular flower in Germany?

National flower of Germany, It is a seasonal plant propagated by planting cornflower seeds. It grows outdoors and in fields. The seeds of the cornflower plant are obtained from the flower parts of the flowers that grow in the form of daisies. What is the symbol of Germany the flower? Centaurea Cyanus

What is Germany's famous flower?
Cornflower Watering in Germany; The cornflower plant can be irrigated only with seasonal precipitation under irrigation conditions, and should be watered to provide moisture in the soil when growing especially. The cornflower plant can grow in semi-arid and sandy soils that should not be watered for a long time. The cornflower plant is a plant that is compatible with natural conditions and grows outdoors. It has the ability to easily store the need for irrigation from the moisture in the soil. Thanks to the leaves that develop especially in the spring period, it meets the water need from the rains. It is a plant that needs less water during the flowering period.

Can cornflower grow at home in Germany? It can be grown outdoors by taking cornflower seeds. Due to the fact that the cornflower plant grows spontaneously in natural environments, it can grow again by itself in the places where it was planted. The cornflower plant is a thistle genus and grows naturally. Cultivation or grafting does not have a one-to-one benefit and effect with the plant in the natural environment. When the plant grows in its natural environment, it is used as a medicinal plant. The Latin name of the cornflower plant is Centaurea cyanus.

Features of Cornflower Plant

Cornflower plant is a medicinal and useful plant that grows spontaneously in the natural environment. It is used as a plant seed that has many health benefits and has been used for health since ancient times. The top parts of the flowers are blue and the inner parts of the flowers are purple. When the cornflower plant is taken from its natural environment and grafted, it can be used as an outdoor ornamental plant. What is Germany’s national flower?

It is a flower with about 600 varieties in nature. The types of the flower are widely grown in some areas easily. The cornflower plant is a plant that blooms in June and August.

What are the benefits of eating cornflower?

  • Cornflower plant gives comfort and vitality to the body.
  • Tea made with cornflower plant is useful as a diuretic.
  • Drinking the plant as a tea is beneficial in reducing the kidney stones and cleansing the kidneys, as well as removing the edema in the body.
  • Among the benefits of cornflower plant, it is good against cough, shortness of breath and upper respiratory system disorders. The cornflower plant helps to remove harmful toxins from the body by showing antioxidant properties.

Germany’s national flower

Germany does not have an official national flower, but the Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) is often considered a symbol of the country and is associated with German culture. The blue cornflower, known as the “Kornblume” in German, has historical and cultural significance in Germany. It has been used in German folk traditions, poetry, and art, and it was even adopted as a symbol by some political groups.

Germany's national flower

Please note that the cornflower is not an official national symbol, and different regions or organizations within Germany may have their own symbolic flowers or emblems.

What is Germany’s famous flower?

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